Safety and Tolerability

Safety and Tolerability Demonstrated Over 48 Weeks

Low rates of ADRs

Includes adverse reactions at least possibly, probably, or very likely to be related to the drug. Intensities are defined as follows: moderate (discomfort enough to cause interference with usual activity); severe (incapacitating with inability to do work or usual activity).

Low rates of discontinuation due to treatment-emergent ADRs at Week 481

  • 5.2% and 2.6% in patients receiving INTELENCE® (etravirine) + BR* vs placebo + BR, respectively

Please see full description of study design and baseline characteristics.

ADR=Adverse drug reaction.

*The BR for INTELENCE® and placebo arms consisted of darunavir/ritonavir + ≥2 other investigator-selected ARVs (N[t]RTIs ± ENF). In the INTELENCE® arm (n=599), 25.5% of patients used ENF de novo and 20.0% reused ENF. In the placebo arm (n=604), 26.5% of patients used ENF de novo and 20.4% reused ENF.

Important Safety Information